VGE Pro Medium pressure lamp UV system


The VGE Pro medium pressure UV lamps emits a wide spectrum of Ultraviolet (UV) light which not only gives very good disinfection results but is also excellent for photolysis applications like the reduction of chlorine in pool applications. The single ended lamp in combination with the S.B.T. (Single end bayonet technology) and the on-chamber visual lamp status indication makes the system extremely user friendly. We offer four difference systems with medium pressure UV lamps: MultiMax, 600-85 Compact, 600-85 Confort and 1200-85 Comfort.

600-85 Compact is equipped with a 600W UV lamp. In combination with the DN80 flange connections the system is suitable for (semi) public and professional installations. It is controlled by a compact controller which equipped with a LED lamp life indication.

1x 600W lamp
DN80 flange connections
Compact controller


Material stainless steel 316L
Type 600-85 Compact

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