Hunter Rain sensor, type MINI-CLIK


Save water with the Mini-Clik rain sensor. Watering saturated soil. Starting up an irrigation cycle when it rains. Or sprinklers that switch on right after a storm. If you ask us, that’s a prime example of how to waste water. And every irrigation specialist’s nightmare. After all, the water runs away as quickly as it drains your purse. But don’t worry. The Mini-Clik rain sensor has the answer to your problems. The Mini-Clik rain sensor can be installed on all automatic irrigation systems and it is compatible with all Hunter controllers. When the Mini-Clik detects that a certain amount of rain has fallen, the rain sensor stops the scheduled irrigation. This means that your project won’t be watered during a shower or rain storm. As soon as it stops raining, the rain sensor sends out an electronic signal to resume normal irrigation. Specifications of the Mini-Clik rain sensor - Switches off the sprinkler installation automatically when it rains. - The system deactivation can be adjusted to switch off at rain fall between 3 and 19 mm. - Works reliably because the sensor is dirt-repellent. - Can be mounted on gutters with a gutter bracket (P/N SGM). - Stainless steel protective cap with the Mini-Clik for commercial applications (P/N SG-MC). Gutter brackets can be ordered separately. - Compatible with most sprinkler regulators. No more unnecessary irrigation. Save water and money


Voltage 24VAC

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