Hunter Soil moisture sensor, type SOIL-CLIK


Effective irrigation with the Soil Clik humidity sensor. Read the current soil humidity and crop conditions at a glance. Hunter’s Soil Clik makes it easy to gauge the humidity of the soil. When the humidity sensor’s probe detects that the soil has reached the desired level of humidity, the irrigation system will switch itself off. So, over-watering is a thing of the past. The Soil Clik comprises an electronic module and a humidity sensor probe that you place in the soil. The first device communicates with the probe and the controller, guaranteeing up-to-date readings for an immediate response. Installation of the Soil Clik Dig the probe into the soil to the right depth, level with the roots. The humidity sensor can be placed up to 300 metres away from the controller. Adjust the settings to the level of humidity you want with the pressure button on the Soil Clik. And you will immediately receive an update of the current readings. The module can be connected to all AC-powered Hunter controllers and works with most AC-powered controllers from other manufacturers. The Soil Clik is an effective water saver and has a five-year Hunter guarantee. Specifications of the Soil Clik humidity sensor - Read the current soil humidity and crop conditions at a glance. - One press of the button will bypass the soil humidity in the event of exceptional circumstances. - Low-power casing for outdoor use powered by host controller. - Connect to sensor inlets or use them to interrupt the combined wires in practically all 24 VAC irrigation systems. - Use this system with Solar Sync® sensor for optimal water conservation.


Voltage 24VAC

Technical Information and Manuals

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