Hunter Wired rain sensor, type RAIN-CLIK


Timely stop signal with the Hunter Rain Clik and Wireless Rain Clik Most rain sensors only send a stop signal to the irrigation system once a certain amount of rain has already fallen. During that time, the system continues to water unnecessarily. It’s a waste of money that you won’t see again. The Hunter Rain Clik and its little wireless brother the Wireless Rain Clik don’t have that problem. These rain sensors pause the sprinklers at exactly the right time: when the first rain drop falls. Easy to assemble Fix the Hunter Rain Clik or the Wireless Rain Clik to the edge of a roof, a gutter or any other flat, vertical surface such as a wall or fence for sensors to work optimally. Thanks to the integrated Quick Response technology, this application can shut down the irrigation even before the rain is unleashed. Specifications - Immediate Quick Response rain shutdown. - Switches the system off automatically if the temperature drops below 3 degrees Celsius. This prevents frost damage to your system. - The wireless model with integrated battery. - Adjustable ventilation slots for adjusting the reset period. - Sturdy casing made from polycarbonate, so the device can withstand high temperatures. - Includes metal extension arm, gutter bracket and wall mount. - Compatible with almost all irrigation regulators. Kill two birds with one stone. Buy the right irrigation regulator as soon as you need one.



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