Hunter Solenoid valve, type ICV


The ICV valve Challenging water situations such as gales, rain storms or zones that are subject to heavy pedestrian traffic such as parks: no challenge is too much for the ICV valve. The ICV valve is constructed so that it works seamlessly with the most demanding and varied systems. Treat yourself to this unparalleled reliability. The ICV valve comprises: - a reinforced EPDM diaphragm seal; - seat and power regulation; - capacity to work to 220 PSI; - detachable motor bonnet fixings. The Filter Sentry option is also available for applications with dirty water. The Filter Sentry system keeps the valve clear of dirt from reclaimed water or ponds. The ICV is clearly the ultimate choice of the professional for ultimate reliability in situations with high pressure. Specifications of the ICV - An optional Filter Sentry® scours the filter screen in dirty water. - External and internal manual venting for quick and easy activation of the valve. - The glass-filled nylon construction generates high pressure and reliability. - Double-walled diaphragm seal guarantees leak-free performance. - The tissue-reinforced EPDM diaphragm seal guarantees better performance in all weather conditions. - The integrated motor bonnet screws reduce the risks of losing parts during dismantling. - Flow control maximises the efficiency and extends the service life of the system. Treat yourself to this unparalleled reliability.


Voltage 24VAC
Material glass-filled nylon

Technical Information and Manuals

  • All Products are subject to 1 to 2 years warranty.
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