All-in-one Dosing and Automation for your Pool

The exclusive Hayward Control Station is an all-in-one dosing and automation system. 

With the control system installed you can enjoy perfectly balanced water and maximise your energy savings from your variable speed pump. You can even monitor and control your filtration, lights, heating and pool features from anywhere in the world through your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The control station can be used as a stand alone dosing system or as a complete pool management system.

Controlling options and features include: 

  • Pump control: works with variable and single speed pumps
  • Filtration control: 5 filtration programs
  • Heat pump: turn on/off and control set point
  • Pool lights: turn on/off, timing schedule, change colors
  • Auxiliaries: control up to 2 extra contacts (UV, garden lights, valves)

Watch this short video to find out more:

To find out more please call Duncan or Ben from the Bosta Pool team right away, and they will be happy to help with your enquires. You can also buy the Hayward Control Station by visiting our webshop.

Duncan Partridge - Account Manager

T: 01284 716587



Ben Blackburn - Business Development Manager

T: 07771 577240