Bosta named as finalist in UK Aquaculture Awards 2020

The UK Aquaculture Awards 2020 took place on Wednesday 16th September. We were very pleased to have made the finalists in the “Aquaculture Supplier of the Year” category as we have only just started to scratch the surface of the UK market since 2019. However, we have been surprised by the progress we have made. Our product range is ideally suited to aquaculture, most significantly to the in-land fish farm market. Although the UK’s main focus has been offshore to date, the requirement and benefits of in-land systems is continually growing and will play a big part in the aquaculture industry in years to come.

Although we did not make the final shortlist of 4 organisations (Benchmark Genetics at Stofnfiskur, Ace Aquatec, NAFC Marine Centre & Gaelforce Group), we were certainly in good company making the finalists. As we continue to develop our product range for the aquaculture market we hope we can become a significant supplier to the UK industry. Congratulations to Stofnfiskur for winning the award.

Congratulations should also go to the organisers of the online virtual awards ceremony. With so many events being cancelled this year it would have been a shame not to give recognition to the companies succeeding in difficult times. It was great that the awards could proceed in a format for all to see. We look forward to next year, and let's see if Bosta UK can go one step further!

For more information on the specialist products we supply for the aquaculture market, click here.