Prices & Delivery Costs Tailored for your Best Value

We keep our product prices low and reward your larger orders.
Effective from 01.04.21:

Free delivery on all Parcel & Pallet orders over €400.

See our new online pipe delivery cost calculator to select your most economic quantity (available to view from 01.04.21).

  • Parcel consignments below €400 net - €15.00 delivery charge
  • Pallet orders below €400 net - €50.00 delivery charge
  • Orders below €100 net are subject to a €10.00 minimum order charge
  • 3 & 5 metre PVC pipes and 6 metre PE pipes are priced ex-works (see online delivery cost calculator from 01.04.21 for crates & bundles
  • Contact our sales team for bespoke delivery charges for odd-sized items too big for pallets, crates or bundle


World market prices up and some DOWN!

News on our website on 03.03.21 announced market price adjustments will be live on our webshop on 01.04.21.

Global freight cost reductions have offset many raw material price increases, whilst Bauer couplings are down by 14% and pool sundries are also down by 19%.

PVC fittings, Jason and Unidelta couplings are up by just 5%.

Extreme pressure on raw material supplies means PE Pipe is up 15-27% and Poolflex is up 33%.

Torsino braided water hose and Green Medium Duty spiral hose prices remain unchanged. 


NEW PVC Pipe Delivery Cost Calculator - Available 01/04/21

You will shortly be able to view and download the new PVC Pipe Delivery Cost Calculator from our website. This will enable you to quickly see the most efficient way of ordering PVC pipe sold as 3m and 5m lengths and PE pipe sold as 6m lengths (selected lines only).