World Water Day 2021

For us, access to water is normal, we turn on the tap and it is there. We have plenty of water, sometimes too much. But in Kenya this is still a scarce commodity.

In urban Kenya, 27% of people do not have access to improved water sources.

In rural areas this number is even higher: more than half of the population obtains water from unsafe surface sources such as lakes, rivers and ponds. Children and women travel miles to fill a 20L jerry can with water and then walk home with it.

Hard for us to imagine.

At Bosta we use the slogan 'Bringing Water to Life' and we do this by selling water solutions to our customers. We also want to play a role in making water available to improve people's lives, which is why we founded WaterStarters in collaboration with Amref Flying Doctors.

WaterStarters is a social enterprise that combines the expertise of NGOs and companies with local responsibility to create more bankable and sustainable water solutions.

By franchising water solutions that provide clean water in rural communities, WaterStarters aims to create lasting well-being for 1.5 million people in 7 years, thereby stimulating economic growth.

You can also help! 

As a Bosta customer, you will soon be able to donate to Waterstarters through the WaterPoints loyalty program. Contact us to find out about joining the Waterpoints loyalty program. More information on Waterpoints can be found here

Do you want to know more about Waterstarters? Then take a look at