World Water Day 2022

Groundwater is invisible, but its impact is visible everywhere. Our drinking water and sanitation, our food supply and natural environment – all these rely on groundwater.


At Bosta we supply water technology to control ground water. In dry areas like rural Kenya this is a real challenge. The people there have very little clean drinking water and need to travel long distances to get that. To improve this situation, water supply systemsneed to be built and that costs a lot of money which the local people do not have.


It is our mission to make water solutions available to improve the lives of people, and to put that mission into action we have set-up the foundation WaterStarters. WaterStarters operates as a social enterprise, and we are catalysing the entrepreneurial spirit of Kenyan communities.Together we build or refurbish commercially viable water supply systems in rural and peri-urban communitiesin Kenya, providing water for domestic use, livestock, and wildlife. We are now financing and starting-up our first water supply system in Makutano. Check our website for more information or toget involved! (new website will be launched soon!)